Control systems

ME-Inspection SK possesses as the successor of the Department of automatic control systems of the Microstep-MIS s.r.o. company long experience in conception and implementation of automatic control systems.

Design of automatic control systems of ME-Inspection SK s.r.o. is based on Siemens, Beckhoff and Festo paltforms. Platform selection is closely connected to customer demands and application, which will be installed.

ME-Inspection SK s.r.o. delivers new devices as units with own conception and realization of the mechanical part, of control and electrical equipment, visualization and measuring system/ visual control system. Advantage of the ME-Inspection SK systems lies in ability of MICROEPSILON group to offer complete solutions from mechanical concept and realization to OEM concept of high accuracy sensors of various types to the customer.


TireUniformity machines retrofit ( rubber industry )

TireGeometry machines retrofit ( rubber industry )

GlueApplication Robotic Line upgrade ( automotive industry )


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