Primary purpose of the dimension inspection of extruder profiles made of rubber, plastic, metal, resp. inspection of moulded components, is quality monitoring of the controlled products. Quality inspection can be executed in a defined position or on the whole outside product profile.

Secondary effect of quality inspection of the whole product profile is reduction of material, of which the measured product is produced. Return on investment regarding the material reduction, is in some cases within 3 months.

ProfileInspection systems of the ME-Inspection SK s.r.o. company are made up of two basic alternatives of triangulation measurement principle application. First alternative consists in measuring the point distance by the triangulation principle. The second alternative consists in measuring the distance of the sheet-of-light laser line. Concrete selection of the measurement principle depends on customer requirements and physical characteristics of the measured object.

The Sheet-of-light technology combined with the triangulation principle of distance acquisition (wikipedia: is utilized for the purpose of continuous product profile measurement.

The market consists of numerous sheet-of-light sensors, which basically vary in accuracy, speed and calibration form. For their accuracy and speed we utilize sheet-of-light sensors from the LLT row, produced by the MICRO-EPSILON group. Area of application is defined by sensor parameters and required application parameters.


In cases, when standard situations (available sensor) cannot be applicated, we apply the triangulation principle with a combination of sensor and laser source. The concept enables an adjustment of the technical solution for the concrete application, it enables camera selection from very cheap and less accurate ones (accuracy of the device inspection in industry is +- 1 mm) to fast and accurate cameras (accuracy of the device inspection in industry is +-0.01 mm).


AVT Stingray

Using the appropriate optics, may improve the accuracy; this equipment is rather appropriate for laboratory conditions (without vibration and other effects of the production)
Technical concept of measuring devices of ME-Inspection SK s.r.o. is established in a way which enables the customer the simplest device operation, an easy device servicing (free available components – camera, laser, industrial PC) and causes lowest possible costs of replacement parts for the end user.

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